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What is shungite

(shungite, шунгит)

Shungites is 2 billion years old polymineral carbon rock containing fullerenes, which is located in a single place on the planet, in Karelia, on the shores of Lake Onega in north-west Russia.

It has an unusual composition, structure, physical and chemical properties - therefore has a wide range of applications. It can purify water, enriching water with minerals, to change waters energy and information structure toward positivity. Cleanses and harmonizes the atmosphere in the rooms, disturb geopathic zones and electromagnetic radiation, supplies energy, and stamina.

Shungite contains non-graphitized, non-crystalline carbon in the unusual form - colled Fullerenes. Numerous capabilities of shungite and shungit water are connects precisely with the presence of fullerenes. It's basic property of shungite.

The most common, most stable and most researched form is the fullerene C60. Molecule C60 is a sphere having a surface that forms the hexagons and pentagons.It is a molecule with the greatest possible symmetry - it consists of fragments with five-fold symmetry (the Pentagons), on which nowhere else in the lifeless materia we not encounter; for inorganic compounds are by nature "prohibited". In conclusion, the fullerene molecule is an organic molecule and a crystal of such molecules - called Fullerit - appears to be a transitional form between organic and inorganic materials.Therefore, the shungite is often colled as "living stone". Some even consider Shungite for grandparents of organic life on our planet.

Shungite pulp, shungit pyramids, spheres, plates etc. are made from shungite with a carbon content of about 30%. The remaining 70% consists of silicates, mica, iron oxides, magnesium, potassium, ...  At shungite present almost half elements of the periodic system.

       Elite shungite (Antraxolit)

There is also another variety - called Elite Shungite with a carbon content from 90 to 98%.It's mineralogical rarity. Elite Shungite located in the schungite basic rock in the form of irregular deposits or veins of a few centimeters. Mined only by hand in very difficult conditions. It has a distinctive metallic gloss, anthracite color, uneven and seashell quarry. It is light, crisp and smooth to the touch. It contains 3-4 times more fullerenes. Price elite shungite counts per gram. The larger the stone, thereby increasing the price per gram.




Effect of shungite on the composition and purity of water is extraordinary. Shungite cleans water from almost all the organic impurities, including petroleum products and chlorine-containing compounds, nitrates and ammonia, from many metals and nonmetals, destroying Vibrio cholera, streptococci and other bacteria, absorbs contained harmful substances, while the water is enriched with healthy trace elements and supplies healing properties. Shungite transforms water into biologically active and helps the body function properly. Water filtered through shungit not only removes impurities harmful admixtures, but additionally is enriched with beneficial substances, that helps the proper functioning of the body and overall health.

Shungit water use has excellent results in cosmetics. Daily washing Shungit water smoothes the skin, increases its elasticity and gives it a youthful appearance. It helps to get rid of acne and skin inflammation, scaling and reddened skin. Regular rinsing of hair by shungit water gives them shine and silkiness, reducing its loss, prevents baldness, strengthens hair roots and removes dandruff.

Shungit water is excellent for compresses - soaked gauze to shungit water is applied to the affected area for 1,5 to 2 hours. Compresses helps accelerate the healing of cuts, corns, bruises and burns. We can thus treat arthritis, arthrosis and varicose veins.

Gently heated shungite water is excellent for gargling and mud for cervical disease, inflammation (tonsillitis), fever, inflammation of the gums, teeth, periodontitis.

Shungit baths are very healthy to soothe, relieve stress, fatigue, harmonizing body and normalize sleep. Already after the first few baths begins to heal minor skin cracks, cuts, and the regular procedures leads to healing of postoperative scars, disappear peeling skin, eczema and fungi.

For the preparation of shungite water fits any pieces or products of shungite (preferably unpolished) shungite debris, rubble shungit, shungit pyramids ... We do not recommend powder, sand and fine gravel.


Shungite pyramids are used to remove GPZ and radiation TVs, computers, microwave ovens, etc.
The possibility of using shungite against electromagnetic radiation arising from the peculiarities of its structure and chemical composition.
The cause long-term irritation, fatigue and anxiety may be a pathogenic zone. Simply stand in your room shungit pyramids and room will be not risk zone for you. Immediately removes unpleasant exposure to electromagnetic fields.

Pyramid must always be oriented by compass. Place it directly under the bed is not recommended. Once a month, you can rinse the pyramid and put it in the sun (fresh air), for about 1 hour clean energy.

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