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Shungit sphere polished 5 cm

Šungitová koule leštěná 5 cm
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492,00 Kč
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Do you want to improve your memory and sharpen your mind?

Do you have a job, that requires a lot of attention, memory, and you are often exposed to stressful situations?

  • sphere of shungite harmonize the environment and eliminates the negative energy
  • exercises with shungite spheres is one of the best means to maintain high employability and active longevity


  1. exercise - against fatigue, irritability, restlessness, constipation, improves blood circulation, memory and brain activity
  2. relaxation, meditation
  3. harmonization of the environment - to build a sphere on the ground in the middle of the room (not recommended to be placed immediately under the bed)

For a restful sleep and relaxation place the shungite sphere in the bedroom.

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Šungitová koule leštěná 5 cm
Šungit koule 5 cm
Šungitová koule leštěná 3-7 cm
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