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Shungite heart polished

Shungite Merkaba polished 9 cm - kopie
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197,00 Kč
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Get rid of the long-term irritability, fatigue and stress

Heart of shungit removes the effect of electromagnetic smog and geopathogenic zones. This improves the air composition and changes the fragrance in the room.


  1. harmonization of the environment - to build a heart on the floor in the middle of the room (not recommended to be placed immediattely under the bed)
  2. neutralization radiation of computers, televisions etc. - place the heart on, or before the monitor or in front of any other source of radiation

      3. therapy

what is shungite»

Shungite Merkaba polished 9 cm - kopie
Shungite Merkaba polished 9 cm - kopie
Shungite Merkaba polished 9 cm - kopie
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