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Royal Cup ViaHuman 0.3l

Shungite chakra picture - kopie - kopie
List Number: VH203288
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4 290,00 Kč
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This cup can be described without exaggeration as a "male affair"

It is an exceptional magical artifact, a royal grail, a ruler's goblet, a pure original, strong and delicate at the same time. The energy of the cup is firm and dense, confident, masculely attractive and empathetic, strongly anchored, decisive without a doubt, it is the energy of the strength and endurance of the yang.

By combining glass, stones and creativity, we have created a dominant element on a man's desk, who is a supportive force, a determined, wise and kind leader.


Shungite is a type of carbon found in nature as the only one in a non-graphitic structural arrangement. It is an opaque black stone. Its basic feature is the presence of groupings in the shape of a regular hexagon in its structure, which are called fullerenes. The shape of fullerenes is similar to crystals of natural water. Its effect on water is positive and detoxifying. In the form of an extract, fullerenes function as antioxidants. The age of the shungite is about 2 billion years. It is mined in the only deposits in the world in Karelia, and due to its diversity and uniqueness, there are theories about its extraterrestrial origin. It belongs to the Earth element and is influenced by the planets Mercury, Venus and Saturn. It has the most significant effect on the root chakra, sacral and solar plexus. Shungite is a very rare and strong stone. It has a significant effect on both humans and animals. He has the ability to protect, purify, recharge, regenerate and heal all living things that occur in his vicinity. It protects against electromagnetic radiation and cleanses the tense atmosphere and conflicts.


Citrine is an effective cleaner and stone suitable for regeneration, which transfers heat, energy and increases its creative abilities to its owner. It absorbs, transforms, dissipates and groundes negative energy. It enhances intuition. Protects against evil of all kinds. It works as an early warning system - you have enough time to react to your own defense. It cleanses the chakras and protects the aura.
It adds confidence and suppresses self-destructive tendencies. It prevents workaholism, stress leading to excessive spending, excessive risk-taking and gambling addiction.
It strengthens individuality, increases motivation, stimulates creative abilities and self-expression. It helps to overcome problems with expressing one's thoughts and feelings. It reduces hypersensitivity to its surroundings. It helps to develop positive attitudes, to look optimistically into the future. It strengthens concentration and gives the mind new strength. Helps overcome fears, depression and phobias. It creates a feeling of inner peace. It overcomes the fear of responsibility and stops the manifestations of anger. It helps control emotions and find emotional balance. Helps restore personal inner strength concentrated at the hara point.


Hematite is a high-density stone, a truly dense substance, and is particularly effective as an earthing agent, balancing the body, mind, and spirit. It is a protective stone that protects the aura from negative energies. It helps to overcome smoking, overeating and other types of intemperance. It adds more will to life, increases self-confidence, removes the limitations that one has set for oneself. At the physical level, hematite is associated with blood, boosting blood formation and circulatory systems. It supports the kidneys, where the blood is purified. He is the energetic carrier of yang energy.

Mass: 0.65 kg

Dimensions: 11 × 11 × 15 cm

Shungite chakra picture - kopie - kopie
Shungite chakra picture - kopie - kopie
Shungite chakra picture - kopie - kopie
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