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pyramid therapy

- 2 ways

method 1

  • Place the pyramid on the table, precisely align side by compass and stand on its northern side.Jak orientovat šungitovou pyramidu.
  • Put your hand on the table so that the pyramid and spread your fingers were a maximum distance of 1 centimeter. Look directly at the surface in front of you. Try to imagine, how from the top of the pyramid acts pulsating beam, that penetrates deep into your body to the sick organ.
  • If the heat, coming from the pyramid, you not feel, place your left hand on the surface of the pyramid and the right to diseased area of the body. Between you and the pyramid creates a direct contact. You begin to draw energy, that cleans your blocked energy pathways.
  • Breathe calmly, rhythmically.
  • If there is an uneasy feeling immediately you finish work.
  • To achieve an optimum result is usually needed 10-20 minutes.
  • It is the best to work with a pyramid in the morning an hour after breakfast or evening hours to 19 hours. Later on you this dose stimulating pyramidal power to operate so, that you spend a sleepless night.

Method 2

  • Sit by the Earth's magnetic field - place so, that the head pointing north and south legs.
  • Pyramid place directly on the sore spot. The walls of the pyramid must also be precisely oriented to the cardinal points.
  • You can also use small pyramids and put them on bioactive points, which are recommended for the treatment of a particular disease.
  • Pyramids are built on these bioactive points in 20 minutes to 2 hours once a day.
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