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Natural energetic emitter known from old age designed for pumping energy from the universe and the Earth, harmonization energetic streams jin and jang, strengthening the human organism.
Suitable for meditation, atc.

Harmonizer switch the body to the other, better energic state in which the energy is distributed between internal organs. Regeneration process is more active.

Helps with all psychosomatic problems, stress, fatigue, sleep disorders, immunity increase and many others.

Do not use:

  • If you are schizofrenic (or any other mental illness), epileptic, pregnant
  • If you use halucinogens, narcotics and alkohol
  • If you have TV (or PC, microwave or any electronic device) ON

Working with the harmonizer:

  • In “Egyptian position”, when sitting or standing with the face turned to the sun
  • In the morning to the East, during the day to the South, in the evening to the West and in the night to the North

Shungite is 2 billion years old carbon rock. The only mining sites are located in Karelia in Northwest Russia. Shungite contains very rare form of carbon – fullerens – which have extraordinary traits.

Karelian Soapstone is also about 2 billion years old rock and known as tulikivi. It can contain the heat for a long time (compared to regular stones).

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