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Harmonization paperweight ViaHuman - shungite 60 mm

Royal Cup ViaHuman 0.3l - kopie
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1 390,00 Kč
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ViaHuman harmonization paperweight - shungite

"relaxation and harmony"

This original handmade product is designed to energize and harmonize the space.

Shungite is a type of carbon found in nature as the only one in a non-graphitic structural arrangement. It is an opaque black stone. Its basic feature is the presence of groupings in the shape of a regular hexagon in its structure, which are called fullerenes. The shape of fullerenes is similar to crystals of natural water. Its effect on water is positive and detoxifying. In the form of an extract, fullerenes function as antioxidants. The age of the shungite is about 2 billion years. It is mined in the only deposits in the world in Karelia, and due to its diversity and uniqueness, there are theories about its extraterrestrial origin. It belongs to the Earth element and is influenced by the planets Mercury, Venus and Saturn. It has the most significant effect on the root chakra, sacral and solar plexus. Shungite is a very rare and strong stone. It has a significant effect on both humans and animals. He has the ability to protect, purify, recharge, regenerate and heal all living things that occur in his vicinity. It protects against electromagnetic radiation and cleanses the tense atmosphere and conflicts.

At the bottom is a harmonization symbol - intersecting horizontal figure eight in a circle.

Where the horizontal eight expresses infinity and symbolizes harmonic transitions from yang to yin energy.

The circle is a symbol of unity, wholeness, perfection and at the same time depicts the Sun - the source of life energy on Earth.

The paperweight is made of borosilicate glass.

Weight: 0.3 kg

Dimensions: Ø 60 mm, h. 70 mm
Royal Cup ViaHuman 0.3l - kopie
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