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Exercises with spheres

With the spheres we can practice anytime, anywhere, regardless of age, gender or health status. Exercises with shungite spheres improves blood circulation, normalize the pressure, relieve spasms, trembling hands, improve joint mobility, help to reconcile the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Massage sheres from shungite recommended especially for people who have a demanding profession, requiring mastery of great stress or workload attention and memory. For young people regular exercise with spheres brings a sharpness of mind and strength of the hand, older people helps get rid of constipation and the feeling of numbness in the limbs, improve memory and brain fitness, help fight fatigue, irritability, restlessness.

General recommendations for exercises with spheres:

  • for recovery training is not necessary to do complicated tricks or develop abnormal effort, good results bring even the simplest exercises: friction sphere in his hand, turning two spheres in the palm of your hand clockwise and counterclockwise
  • it is necessary to observe the regularity of exercise and gradually increase the load
  • we recommend alternating exercises with presses and with rotational movements, it is necessary to avoid hurt feelings
  • by the exercise is not recommended tensoin disinterested muscle, which is not in the group that practiced (shoulder muscle, arm, neck and back), and also to avoid unnecessary movements (tilt head, shoulders and lifted flyes)
  • at the beginning it is recommended to choose a medium-size spheres, after mastering the basic exercises to get spheres of different sizes, to achieve a diverse supply conduct exercises with 3-4 spheres
  • we recommend to perform the exercises at least 10 minutes a day
  • try not to look at the spheres during exercise, but rather, focus on the sensations in your hands, which exercises gives to you

Attention! Shungite can get their hands dirty. This is not a fault, but a characteristic of shungite.

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