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Cooling cube into the drink unpolished (9pcs)

Cooling cube into the drink polished (9pcs) - kopie
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295,00 Kč
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Cooling cubes, which do not melt

The original way to cool down your drink.


  • replace the ice cubes and not dilute the drink
  • non-toxic and chemically inertia
  • repeated use

Use: 1-2 cubes in drink

Karelian talc (talkochlorid, tulikivi)

  • unique thermal properties: rapid absorption of thermal energy and its accumulation; successive emitting thermal energy accumulated
  • hydrophobic, fire resistant, soft
  • metamorphic rock, the age of about 2 billion year
  • consists of about half of the talc (talc - Mg3Si4O10 (OH) 2) and half of magnesite (magnesium carbonate - MgCO3)
  • carrier of male (yang) energy
Cooling cube into the drink polished (9pcs) - kopie
Cooling cube into the drink polished (9pcs) - kopie
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