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Shungite gel 75 ml, Shungite balm 75 ml FORTE - kopie
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Shungit pendant balls - kopie
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Shungit polished cut cube 4 cm
In stock
695,00 Kč
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Cube of shungite protection against electrosmog, calming and for better sleep. Nice decoration.
Relaxation candlestick ViaHuman - shungite 90mm
In stock
2 790,00 Kč
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It is an artifact produced exclusively by hand, which, with the use of minerals, decorative elements, paints, glass and careful creative work.
Shungite heart polished
In stock
197,00 Kč
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Shungite heart to neutralize the radiation of a computer or television. Also suitable for home therapy.
Shungit pendant with malachite EXTRA
In stock
436,00 Kč
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Shungit pendant protects against negative influences, harmonizes, adds confidence, strength and vitality. Malachite natural and undyed
Shungit pendant with malachite donut
In stock
260,00 Kč
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Shungit pendant protects against negative influences, harmonizes, adds confidence, strength and vitality.
9,70 EUR / pc
Shungit shampoo with marine collagen (2pcs)
Temporarily unavailable
466,00 Kč
Shampoo strengthens hair, gives them health and beauty shine.
Shungit pendant yin-yang oval
In stock
126,00 Kč
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Shungit pendant will protect you from the negative effects of the environment, will give you confidence, strength and vitality.
Crystal clock with shungite
1 250,00 Kč
Crystal clock with shungite. High-quality quiet QUARTZ movement with smooth operation. YOU BUY WHAT YOU SEE.
Shungit hemisphere polished 7 cm
Temporarily unavailable
794,00 Kč
Hemisphere from brushed and polished true shungit you get rid of fatigue and stress. Magical interior decoration.
Shungit rubble 10-20 mm, 1 kg
In stock
300,00 Kč
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Shungit grit size 10-20 mm (schungite rubble) for the production of schungite water - a great, all-natural beverage.
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