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Shungite gel 75 ml, Shungite balm 75 ml FORTE - kopie
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Shungit pendant balls - kopie
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Shungit pendant yin-yang oval
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126,00 Kč
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Shungit pendant will protect you from the negative effects of the environment, will give you confidence, strength and vitality.
Pendant bottle with Elite shungite
Temporarily unavailable
95,00 Kč
Within the vial there is 1,5 g of Elite Shungite crust in pure form. Protects against negative influences, harmonizes, adds self-confidence, strength and vitality.
Shungite hand cream night moisturizing and regenerative 75 ml
Temporarily unavailable
180,00 Kč
Shungite cream for intensive nourishment and renewal of hands during the night.
Shungit cube with clock on the holder
Temporarily unavailable
1 125,00 Kč
Cube of shungit protects you against electrosmog and radiation. At the same time tells you what time it is. Cube 6x6 cm.
Orgonite lamp Yin - Yang
1 800,00 Kč
An original orgonite combining the positive effects of shungite and crystal with the yin-yang symbol. LED light for remote control. YOU BUY WHAT YOU SEE.
Shungite soap - Treasures of Karelia
In stock
198,00 Kč
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Shungite soap has unique healing properties. It effectively cleanses, removes dead skin cells, relieves irritation, protects the skin from inflammation and has an antioxidant effect.
Crystal picture with shungite
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650,00 Kč
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The original wall decoration connecting the positive effects of shungite and other semi-precious stones. YOU BUY, WHAT YOU SEE.
Shungit rubble 10-20 mm, 1 kg
In stock
300,00 Kč
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Shungit grit size 10-20 mm (schungite rubble) for the production of schungite water - a great, all-natural beverage.
Shungit hemisphere polished 7 cm
Temporarily unavailable
794,00 Kč
Hemisphere from brushed and polished true shungit you get rid of fatigue and stress. Magical interior decoration.
9,70 EUR / pc
Shungit shampoo with marine collagen (2pcs)
Temporarily unavailable
466,00 Kč
Shampoo strengthens hair, gives them health and beauty shine.
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